10 KM

start time: 9:00 am


10 km route

to be announced

10kM route

Coming soon! 


pace information

Pacers will be available for the 10km. Each pacers goal time will be clearly indicated on their T-Shirt. At the race start, please line up near your pacer, please do not crowd them and allow room for other runners to pass!

The Pace Runners will be available for: 

  • Finish at 50 minutes: Pace 5 min/km
  • Finish at 1 hour: Pace 6 min/km
  • Finish at 1 hour, 10 minutes: Pace 7 min/km

There will be limited spots available for race registrations, early registration is encouraged to reserve your spot to participate!

Please check out the race FAQ for more information.