atb 10 KM

thank you to our partner

start time: 9:00 am

atb 10kM route

The race will begin and end at MacDonald Island Park. The 10 KM route will wind its way through the city on a scenic course, the route will take runners up to the Thickwood Trail system.


pace information

Pacers will be available for the 10km. Each pacers goal time will be clearly indicated on their T-Shirt. At the race start, please line up near your pacer, please do not crowd them and allow room for other runners to pass!

The Pace Runners will be available for: 

  • Finish at 50 minutes: Pace 5 min/km

  • Finish at 1 hour: Pace 6 min/km

  • Finish at 1 hour, 10 minutes: Pace 7 min/km


There will be limited spots available for race registrations, early registration is encouraged to reserve your spot to participate!

Please check out the race FAQ for more information.