2019 Fort McMurray Marathon Top Finishers

Congratulations to all of the participants at 2019 Fort McMurray Marathon! In 2019 the Fort McMurray Marathon saw its largest number of participants to date. Full results can be viewed here: https://west.sportstats.ca/

Special congrats to all of the top finishers:

ATB Marathon


1) Yusheng Ni

2) Andre Lefebvre

3) Daniel Elsdon



1) Leanne Mcammond

2) Terri Sundholm

3) Jenna Power


ATB Half Marathon


1) Brian Decker

2) Conrad Drover

3) Bryan Adams



1) Kathryn Chehowy

2) Brittany MacKinnon

3) Erin Hibbitts


ATB 10k


1) Eduard Sieber

2) Beyene H-Leul

3) Brian Walsh



1) Katelyn Boilard

2) Sid Khanye

3) Lily Sundholm


Noral Toyota 5 K


1) Bernadine Otieno

2) Kareem Porter

3) George McCombe



1) Tula Sundholm

2) Dinah Macaulay

3) Brandi Dorchak


Inter Pipeline 3 K


1) Iman Akhbarizadeh

2) Dave Maki

3) Zayne Hinkson



1) Devi Asmawati

2) Josie Decker

3) Emma Schedlosky

This event was made possible by the continued support of the following sponsors: ATB Financial, Inter Pipeline, Noral Toyota, AlumaSafway, Culligan Water, Tridon Communications, Clearwater Physical Therapy, Endurance Tap, Billboard Direct, Herc Rentals, Martin Deerline, Harvard Broadcasting - Mix 103.7FM, Accel Physical Therapy, Save On Foods, Supplement King, and Freshii.